Artist’s Statement

My work is influenced by an ingrained sense of social hierarchy, with the gap between the two ends of the spectrum ever widening, namely the upper class and the underclass. It begs the question how far can it stretch before the metaphorical “elastic band” breaks? In my work I am exploring my own disillusionment with society and its lack of social awareness/consciousness. Brash, schadenfreude-like and slightly contemptuous depictions of a plethora of types of people that make up society as the whole. Humour is important in my work as is Kimo-Kawaii, a japanese phrase meaning cute-grotesque. Also playing on peoples voyeuristic tendencies yet also their indifference, its almost like you have to go back to an infantile state flinging paint at a wall and smirking “look what I did” to raise any emotion. What I’m aiming for is to be a low culture terrorist infiltrating sensibilities with the kitsch and the bizarre. I get inspiration from the Chapman Brothers with their blase attitude and “enfant terrible” reputations. Makoto Aida for his beautifully drawn obscenities and Alfonso Mucha for his glamorous organic free flowing line work.

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